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Facial Rejuvenation & LED Light Therapy


What is Facial Rejuvenation?

Are you looking for a natural and long-lasting solution to the aging process, or acne? 


Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture often hailed as a ‘natural facelift’, works in several ways:


By increasing blood flow and circulation to the face, the treatment improves skin quality by lifting and toning sagging muscles and skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates the complexion to give a fresher glow. External signs of aging, such as fine lines, congested skin, and dark circles under the eyes, are often a sign of imbalances internally in the body. As acupuncture is designed to address the underlying causes which may be contributing to areas of concern on the face, treatment will not only revitalise you from the outside but balance you internally, leading to longer-lasting, vibrant skin and overall well-being. It can reduce Redness, Improve Overall Definition and Reduction of Puffiness in the face. 


What is low level light therapy? LLLT is the application of light energy to tissue to improve cellular performance by accelerating the repair and replenishment of compromised tissue cells.  Research has shown that light therapy with acupuncture can:


•    Stimulate skin cell micro-circulation 

•    Increase collagen and elastin production 

•    Soften fine lines and wrinkles 

•    Improve lymphatic drainage 

•    Improve skin tone, texture, and clarity 

•    Diminish acne bacteria 

•    Clear existing acne breakouts 

•    Delay the signs of aging 

man receiving acupuncture on face
sacred symmetry facial rejuvenation
LED Facial Rejuvenation

How does Facial Rejuvenation work?

Celluma light therapy mimics a natural biochemical reaction process to deliver UV-free, low-level light energy. Based on NASA research, it produces blue, red and near-infrared light energy simultaneously. Each wavelength is absorbed by different layers of the skin. Thereby triggering different cellular processes. Blue wavelength LED, for example, affects acnes bacteria to destroy itself. Red wavelength LED is absorbed by fibroblasts cells, causing an up-regulation of ATP cells, increasing collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin looking youthful, firm, and tight. 


Treatments are gentle and relaxing: ultra-fine facial needles are inserted into the skin of the face and retained for about 30 min, simultaneously the patient is under the LLLT. This is followed by a soothing facial massage involving facial cups, jade rollers and Gua sha tools to smooth lines, promote healing and release muscle tension and complete the treatment.


*Contra-indications: Light therapy is not suitable for pregnant or breast-feeding and patients with a history of epilepsy or seizures, using steroid or cortisone injections, or using photosensitive drugs. 

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